Restorative Dentistry

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Metal-Free Fillings
Dr. WaltersLearn more about our dentist is conscious of how various materials can affect both your oral health and overall well-being. Therefore, our office only uses metal-free fillings when restoring the health of a tooth. We use a composite resin that is mercury-free, metal-free, and provides a natural-looking finish.
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Dental Crowns
Crowns give Dr. Walters the ability to protect a severely damaged tooth. These full-coverage restorations look and act like your natural teeth while preventing any further damage to your smile.
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Dental Bridges
When you lose a tooth, through trauma or an extraction, it can leave a hole in your life as well as your smile. A dental bridge could be the ideal restorative dentistry solution to help you enjoy a complete smile once again.
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TMJ Therapy
The temporomandibular jointOpens a new window to the ADA website is located in your jaw. If you are suffering from TMJ disorder, Dr. Walters can help diagnose your symptoms. If he feels there is a problem, he may recommend some exercises, a mouthguard, or seeing a TMJ specialist.
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Occasionally an extraction is needed to protect the health of your smile. When this is the case, Dr. Walters will outline the removal procedure and highlight some tooth replacement options that can restore your smile.
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Dental Implants
When you have a missing tooth or teeth, you want a replacement procedure that not only looks good but functions perfectly too. With the advancements in restorative dentistry, it is now possible to get such a restoration with dental implants.
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Partial Dentures: These removable dentures are specifically designed to replace multiple missing teeth where some teeth are still intact.

Full Dentures: When all your teeth are missing from an arch, then full dentures can be used. Similar to partials, these dentures are removable and sit on top of the gum line.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Designed for people who have all their teeth missing, these dentures attach to dental implants that have been placed into the arch. These dentures are permanent and require a healthy jawbone to be used.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Extreme tooth decay or severe oral trauma can require multiple cosmetic and restorative solutions. Dr. Walters offers a full mouth rehabilitation program to help repair your smile and restore your health.
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