Tooth discoloration can occur for various reasons, including aging one’s appearance. Fortunately, there is an excellent treatment at Islay Hill Dentistry to restore your smile. KöR Teeth whitening in Arroyo Grande is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enhance your appearance.

What is KöR teeth whitening?

KöR whitening is one of the most reliable and effective whitening treatments on the market. This versatile procedure is the only ADA recognized whitening system that is clinically proven to lighten teeth stained from Tetracycline use. The KöR system uses advanced Hydremide Peroxide gel (whitening agent) which penetrates deep into the tooth's structure, allowing for visibly dramatic results.

KöR whitening has the power to remove stains, leaving your teeth remarkably white. This is a comfortable, safe, and effective aesthetic treatment that drastically improves one’s appearance. Results can last for several years for patients who do the recommended maintenance. You can now achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

KöR options

There are three different types of KöR systems available:

KöR Max

KöR Max uses a combination of at-home and in-office teeth whitening. For patients with minor discoloration/staining, this versatile and effective approach is a great option.

KöR Ultra

KöR Ultra is designed for stubborn cases where conditions such as fluorosis or dark geriatric staining are present. 

KöR Ultra T

KöR Ultra T is used specifically for the purpose of addressing cases that involve antibiotic Tetracycline staining (which were once believed to be untreatable).

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What are the benefits of KöR teeth whitening?

Over-the-counter products can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and be slow to show any signs of improvement. Results from KöR can be quick and dramatic with decreased sensitivity.

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Why choose Islay Hill Dentistry?

Dr. Walters is an expert at his craft, staying up to date with new techniques in the world of aesthetic dentistry to ensure that his patients receive exceptional care. He tailors each procedure to the patient’s desires, and individual aesthetic tastes. His goal is to preserve individuality while optimizing your appearance and restoring a positive self-image.

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“Absolutely my favorite adult dentist I've been to. Dr. Walters is friendly yet straightforward. The whole office staff is incredibly welcoming, and you can tell they put a ton of work into making this a destination for people to feel relaxed in. Clean, warm, white interior with luxe finishes that look expensive but not pretentious.”

— Andrew G., San Luis Obispo, CA

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