Many factors can lead to broken, damaged, or worn teeth, which if left untreated, can lead to functional and aesthetic issues. A dental crown is placed to restore and protect a tooth, allowing the teeth and jaws to work and fit together as nature intended. Dr. Eric Walters creates specially made, bespoke dental crowns using modern digital technology and the finest quality porcelain materials, for beautiful, natural looking results. Islay Hill Dentistry provides a level of comfort that is truly extraordinary. The combination of personalized patient care, boutique amenities, and advanced technology, sets us apart from the rest.

Restore the health of a damaged tooth with a custom crown.

Dental crowns are placed to restore a damaged tooth, protecting the structure and integrity from further damage. A dental crown may be the ideal treatment if you have any of the following tooth issues:

  • A weakened tooth
  • A severely worn tooth
  • A tooth that required a root canal 
  • A lost tooth and a dental implant
  • To secure a dental bridge 
  • A broken or cracked tooth, prone to decay
  • A tooth with a larger filling that could break
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A gentle approach to advanced tooth restoration: Dr. Walters

Dr. Walters is known for his gentle touch and conservative approach to aesthetic and restorative dentistry. Relying on modern techniques in dental bonding, Dr. Walters is able to remove less tooth structure compared to traditional methods, for a more minimally prepared and longer lasting crown.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

A dental crown, when designed and placed by Dr. Walters, provides a range of benefits:

  • Resolves discomfort 
  • Restores the appearance of a damaged tooth
  • Protects the tooth from further damage
  • Saves a damaged tooth from extraction
  • Stabilizes a tooth after a root canal
  • Can replace a lost tooth when placed on an implant
  • Improves chewing function
  • Looks and feels entirely natural

The Islay Hill Dentistry difference

Dr. Walters has established a dental office focused on absolute patient comfort in a warm, inviting environment, where world-class dentistry happens every day. You can expect an experience that is comfortable and focused on you. You will find:

  • State-of-the-art technology for a safe and efficient experience
  • A team that caters to your every need
  • A dentist on who is committed to continuing education in order to provide the latest and least invasive aesthetic and restorative procedures
  • We listen, we care, and value your input regarding your dental treatment

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“Very highly recommend Islay Hill Dentistry. It's an extremely well run office - always professional, friendly, responsive, proactive, and organized. The actual space and the treatment and care I've received are always top notch. I neglected seeing a dentist for longer than I'd like to admit, and am so happy that I decided to take the leap and make an appointment here. This practice has made it a really comforting and pleasant experience of getting back into having my teeth taken care of!.” 

— Jessica D., Los Osos, CA.

What is the experience? Your journey, step by step.


Dr. Walters will meet with you to discuss your concerns, perform a detailed examination, and establish a treatment plan. He will then decide on the best material to use for your crowns.


Dr. Walters will ensure all damaged or decayed sections of the tooth are removed and the tooth conservatively prepared for the placement of the crown.


He will take precise digital impressions of the jaw and bite, and match the shade to the adjacent teeth, with the data digitally transferred for ultimate accuracy.


Once the custom crown is created, Dr. Walters will permanently fit the restoration to the tooth structure or implant. Final adjustments are then made to ensure a comfortable bite. 

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