If you are self-conscious about your gummy smile, you don’t have to live with it. A Laser Gum Lift allows Dr. Walters to reshape your gums for more “tooth show” when you smile. With our minimally invasive Soft-Tissue Laser treatments, you can enjoy a bigger, more attractive smile, enhancing your appearance and boosting your self-confidence. 

What Is a Laser Gum Lift?

Our advanced Soft-Tissue Gemini Laser technology allows for treatment to be performed with ultimate precision, quickly and with little discomfort. This minimally invasive procedure gives Dr. Walters the ability to recontour the gums for a more balanced tooth to gum ratio. With only a small amount of gum tissue removed, more of the natural tooth structure is exposed creating a bigger and brighter smile. The results are striking and immediate.

What causes a gummy smile?

A gummy smile may be the result of several factors:

Incompletely erupted teeth

If adult teeth have not emerged from the gums properly, they could remain partially obscured by gum tissue and look smaller than they are.

Gingival enlargement

Gum overgrowth, or gingival hypertrophy, is one of the most common symptoms of gingivitis. This early stage of periodontal disease usually presents as inflammation or swelling in the gums. 

Lip size

If the upper lip is too thin (hypermobile) or rises too high while smiling (hyperactive), more gum tissue will be exposed.

Jaw size

In cases of vertical maxillary excess, the upper jaw is larger, making the gums appear more prominent.

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Why choose Dr. Walters?

Dr. Walters strives to achieve the best aesthetic outcome while maintaining natural looking results. He stays committed to being educated on, and performing the latest and most advanced techniques for proven and safe results.

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“I cannot say enough about Islay Hill Dentistry Co., Dr. Walters and his amazing staff! Their experience, expertise and welcoming approach, automatically brings a sense of comfort and ease when you become one of their patients. I speak from experience having been in need of dental work most of my life, but finding Islay has been a dream come true - yep, you heard me say that about going to the Dentist. Give Islay a try and I guarantee you won't regret it .”

— Mona W. 

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