TMJ – do you have the symptoms?

If you often experience jaw pain while speaking or eating, you may have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ. The temporomandibular joint connects the mandible (jawbone) to the skull, the natural hinge that allows your mouth to open and close. A diagnosis of TMJ disorder can come about in cases of tension and inflammation.  

This condition can be related to a misaligned bite, leading to very serious and uncomfortable symptoms such as clicking and popping of the jaw, headaches, vertigo, and ongoing jaw or neck pain. TMJ may also be caused by genetics, arthritis, teeth grinding, or jaw trauma. If you believe your symptoms may be TMJ related, we invite you to meet with us for a consultation.

Treatment options for TMJ

In some cases, TMJ pain may disappear on its own. In addition to pain medications, at-home remedies such as hot towels, cold compresses, or eating soft foods can provide some relief for patients. 

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At Islay Hill Dentistry, we are committed to providing all that modern dentistry has to offer in patient care, treatment modalities, and technology. We have reimagined what a dental appointment can be. Call us to schedule a TMJ consultation today.  

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